We are a business dedicated to ecotourism, our main concern issustainability and respect for the animals and their habitats.

We are committed to all quality standards.

We are conscious of the stress the animals suffer in these tourist leisure activities and that’s why our ships only make one trip a day. Through this, we contribute greatly in reducing any stress to the wildlife and also we can have a relaxed trip without any hurry, where the allotted time of the trip is secondary.

On the other hand, in our commitment with quality standards, we are the only company with the ISO 9001-IQNET certificates (certificated by AENOR), in addition to being part of the sustainability letter of Tourism in Tenerife.

In our team you will find highly qualified individuals that have made their passion their way of life.

Felix: Captain, Guide

Patrón de Altura de La Marina Mercante”, Cetaceans Guide by the Canary Islands Government,from Madrid, with an ample experiencein oceanographic research and marine preservation. His passion begins from a very young age, he loved boats and that made him leave Madrid for the Dominican Republic where he was able to live his passion for 7 years, going into the spectacular places of the island and showing the marine life and its amazing beaches to the tourists. After that, he returnedtoSpain, workedmanyyears in Alicante and Baleares,he keptfollowingtheocean and ended up in Canary Islands. There, he worked different jobs around the islands, the Marine reserve of La Palmaand finally spent a few years being part of campaigns in an Oceanographic ship around Africa and Canary Islands, that is how he discovered the marvellousmarine area ofTeno-Rasca and alongside his partner they embarked on this business adventure in which they convey their passion for the marine medium to those who visit the island.

Katahisa: Captain, Guide

Katahisa, licensedNauticalstudies, “Piloto de la Marina Mercante”, “Patrónde Altura de la Marina Mercante”and CetaceansGuidebytheCanaryIslandsGovernment. From Tenerife and passionate about the sea since very little, she grew up connected to the ocean that surrounds her home island, her father and grandfather taught her to know about and respect all the corners of the island.

Respecting and taking care of the animals and their environment is her main concern, and she tries to convey these feelings.Innate entrepreneur that has made her dream a reality, showing others the wonders of the ZEC area, embarking on a complicatedyet thrilling project.

Constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge to share with those who visit us, feels like every trip is unique and every dayshesails off to sea isalwayssurprising,she will make you feel amongst friends, as a good hostess does.

Amaia: Biologist, sailor

Amaia, Biologist and Cetaceans Guide by the Canary Islands Government, from Madrid, since she was a little girl, she knew what she wanted to do: working with animals. After years of dedication in zoos and rescue centres, she moved to Tenerife to work as a trainer for raptor birds.Lover of any animal, she decided to leave captivity in order to get into the wild with whale watching.“In Canary Islands we are lucky to observe 30 different species of cetaceans. Being able to watch their natural behaviour, recognize individuals and families, and even help those animals with difficulties like sea turtles, in this unique environment, it’s a gift”Amaia tells us. For her, every day that she goes out to sea is a new experience, always enjoying it like it’s the first time and gets to discover a little bit more of the magical Blue.She will welcome you with a big smile and will infect you with her passion for Nature.