PicarusSailing complies with all the health protocols for prevention of COVID-19
One of the actions taken is the reduction to a maximum of 8 passengers in our shared activities


The Management of PICARUS SAILING CLUB states that it is its business will and priority objective to pay maximum attention to each of the activities that we carry out, in each decision that we adopt and in each action that we carry out. As well as the fulfillment of the client’s requirements and the satisfaction of their expectations, being the strategic principles of this organization.

This quality policy is defined within the purpose of the organization, which is to provide a quality service in whale watching and in the organization of maritime excursions, serving as a framework for the establishment of quality objectives. This philosophy must be assumed by all the workers of PICARUS SAILING CLUB through the faithful
compliance with the following principles:

Full satisfaction of our customers, offering services that meet their expectations. For this reason, we focus our actions on identifying, evaluating and defining the client’s requirements, needs and expectations.

Systematically control each and every one of the relevant factors on which the quality of our services depends.
We understand that our work must combine efforts in the face of greater environmental sustainability in regard to the management of waste generated by our tourist activity. For this reason, as far as possible, we incorporate recyclable materials in our activities, we use products that are not potentially harmful to the marine environment and we carry out selective waste management (glass/plastic/paper/organic) in our offices and boats.
We want to promote the protection of the natural environment where we carry out our activities, for this we actively collaborate with the cleaning of the marine environment, and during our activities we commit to stopping or modifying our route to collect debris that appears on the surface.
Comply with all specifications, standards, legal or other established requirements.
Promote the continuous improvement of the quality management system through the establishment of indicators, monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of the same, as well as the approach of quality objectives and improvement in the relevant functions and levels of the organization.

This Policy provides a reference framework for establishing and reviewing Quality objectives.
The management undertakes to disclose, make understand and apply our policy at all levels of the organization, suppliers, and third parties that have a relationship with PICARUS SAILING CLUB and its interested parties, with the commitment to comply with the established lines, being available for everyone who
you want to check it out.