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Captain & Guide

Prepared food and drink

9 people maximum

Activities: Snorkeling

Private or Shared

Transport: Consult


Dolphin Watching

Watching free dolphins takes you into a fascinating world full of emotions that will not leave you indifferent.

Dolphins usually come to browse the boats and play with the wakes of the boats, in that moment of interaction with us you will be able to feel how their eyes inspect you and you will see that they hide an incredible intelligence.

Their developed and complex brain make them one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Dolphins in Acantilado de los Gigantes

Under the Acantilado de Los Gigantes

To put an end to a few hours of active search for dolphins and navigation, we will head towards the cliffs to be able to admire their magnitude and size from up close. The different ravines and volcanic rock formations are best appreciated from the water. That is why we suggest our clients take a dip at the foot of the Los Gigantes Cliffs and, back in port, enjoy tapas-based snacks on board.

The fixed menu is suitable for vegetarians, you will also have cold drinks (Dorada beer, soft drinks, white wine and water).

Dolphin route guided by Captain and Guide

Our crew, apart from being nature lovers, is trained as official guides of the marine environment of Tenerife, they will inform you of curiosities and relevant information about dolphins and their ecosystem, explaining the delicate natural balance that we must preserve and preserve.

The priority of our crew will be the well-being of our clients and the marine fauna.

We are pioneers in obtaining a quality certificate and we have the official accreditation to carry out a sustainable sighting (MITECO – Blue Boat).

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