Committed to all quality standards.

Committed to all quality standards.

Committed to all quality standards, we have been the first company to be in possession of the ISO 9001-IQNET certifications (Certified by AENOR), in addition to being part of the Charter for the Sustainability of Tenerife Tourism, we are in possession of the Flag Blue granted by the Government of the Canary Islands and the authorization of MITECO, essential for carrying out the activity of whale watching in the ZEC TENO-RASCA.


In our team you will find highly qualified people who have made their passion a way of life.


Captain & Guide

Skipper of the Merchant Navy, Cetacean Guide by the Government of the Canary Islands, from Madrid with extensive experience in oceanographic research and maritime conservation.

His passion for the sea led him to leave Madrid, moving to the Dominican Republic, where for seven years he entered the most spectacular corners of the island and taught visitors marine life and its idyllic beaches.

After this he returned to Spain sailing for several years in the Mediterranean, later moving to Tenerife, where he has carried out work on the islands, the Marine Reserve of La Palma and finally spent several years on board an Oceanographic vessel where he participated in different campaigns in Africa. and the Canary Islands, that is how he discovered the marvelous Teno-Rasca Marine Strip and together with his partner they embarked on a business adventure in which they convey their passion for the marine environment to visitors to the island.


Captain & Guide

Graduated in Nautical, Merchant Navy Pilot, Merchant Navy Sea Captain and Cetacean Guide by the Government of the Canary Islands.

Born in Tenerife, passionate about the sea from a very young age, she grew up linked to the ocean that surrounds her native island. Her father and her grandfather taught her to respect and know all the corners of the island. Respect and care for animals and her environment is her main concern, trying to transmit these principles.

She is an innate entrepreneur, she has realized her dream, to show others the wonders of the ZEC area, embarking on a complicated and exciting project.

In constant learning, she continues to train to obtain more and more knowledge to transmit to those who visit us, she feels that each trip is unique and each day that she goes out to sea is always surprising, as a good hostess she will make you feel among friends.


Captain & Guide

Skipper, since he was a child he has been sailing in all kinds of boats, he is a cetacean guide and has worked as an M.M.O (Marine Mammal Ovserver) in the North Sea and in the English Channel on board research vessels such as the Geo Ranger or the Nora B.

A great connoisseur of the area and the animals that inhabit it, his experience and passion for the sea will make the trip an experience difficult to forget.


Sailor & Guide

Nature guide and environmental disseminator as well as a Cetacean Guide by the Government of the Canary Islands, a native of Madrid, with experience in the world of navigation, having made trips through the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, combines her passion for environmental conservation and animals with your communication skills.

Her previous experience working for various NGOs in the field of ecosystem and fauna recovery, makes her energy and dynamism contagious to appreciate and respect the fauna found in the waters of Tenerife, you will be infected with all her enthusiasm.