See Cetaceans in the South of Tenerife

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The sea world contains multiple wonders that any tourist would like to know and the Whale Watching Tenerife offers the perfect plan to embark on a fascinating aquatic journey full of unforgettable moments. Beyond adventure, contacting with the wonders of the sea develops creativity, encourages meditation and enriches cognitive functions, as added values. For these reasons, this place annually attracts thousands of adventure-loving visitors, as well as students of marine science.

Cetaceans can be found in a preserved area classified as the Teno-Rasca Marine Strip Special Conservation Area, which covers 296 sq mi. (over 76,500 hectares) as one of the most important biodiversity reservoirs in the ocean. Sea fauna watching is a representative sample of the treasure that Tenerife hides with 25% of the most important marine species, including cetaceans, which are the main tourist attraction of that resort.

Best areas for whale watching

Whale watching is the favorite spot for both amateur and pro divers looking to explore the wonders of the fascinating seabed and the richness of the ocean in the same place. Likewise, it offers interesting activities to share with family or friends with total biosecurity, in an area of immeasurable ecological beauty that inspires positive emotions and mental health thanks to the peacefulness of its waters and the purity of its air. A natural therapy full of memorable moments for all lovers of the sea and its treasures.

In shallow areas you can see sea turtles, dolphins or sperm whales in an aquatic landscape perfect for photography lovers who dream of capturing unrepeatable moments. The charm of Whale Watching Tenerife is world famous and that is why it attracts the interest of biologists and sea researchers who visit that place to discover incredible animals that cannot be easily found in other waters.

Entertainment and adventure

Among the activities that any tourist can enjoy at the Whale Watching Tenerife, there are the dazzling walks led by marine biologists in search of cetaceans, all with the proper technical equipment necessary for the visitor’s safety. Likewise, the opportunity for 2- to 4-hour exploratory dives guided by professional experts that allows the identification of fish that are only found in Tenerife. Visiting this marine paradise offers the tourists the possibility of removing any type of plastic garbage that threatens aquatic life, as part of the ecological awareness and care of the fauna that is promoted in Tenerife.

You can discover the marine world alone or in groups with other people since the place has boats with biosecurity systems for group tours, although hiring private trips for families is possible as well. Visitors can propose the routes to travel and the duration of the walk to enjoy unforgettable sunrises and amazing afternoons.

Cetacean species existing only in Tenerife

Tenerife sea shows distinctive oceanographic and geographical characteristics that bring together species of tropical warm waters fauna. At present, 29 species of cetaceans have been identified around the Canary archipelago, which makes it one of the regions in the world with the greatest variety of cetaceans and the largest in Europe.

Besides, 19 varieties of cetaceans have been detected off shore Tenerife, a site considered as a permanent pilot whale ecosystem. These mammals, sociable and accustomed to the proximity of people, are grouped in the sea between Tenerife south coast and La Gomera Island, so pilot whale watching can be done any time of the year.

Endangered sea fauna

Whale Watching Tenerife offers tourists the opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins and other specimens of 20 small populations of cetaceans in the world that are threatened in other areas by boat traffic and plastic pollution. In the same way, you can see the mythical green, hawksbill, loggerhead or leatherback turtles, fish such as angelfish, hammerhead, sablefish, rays, and others. In addition, sea birds such as herons, seagulls, terns and the Cinderella shearwater are good samples of the richness of Tenerife fauna.