Release of 20 turtles in Costa Adeje

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Presentation letter of sustainability and release of turtles

On October 19, we had the places to participate in a double act in favor of the conservation of the rich fauna present on our island, the presentation of the new cetacean conservation letter and the return of 20 turtles to the ocean.

Presentation of the new sustainability charter

The presentation ceremony took place at the La Pinta hotel, located in Puerto Colon.

The event was chaired by tourism advisor Alberto Bernabé and CEO Vicente Dorta.

In it we talked about the importance of the conservation of our fauna within the tourist framework of Tenerife and the most notable changes were explained in this new letter with reference to the previous one.

Release of 20 turtles in Costa Adeje

Once the presentation of the new sustainability letter was completed, the second part of the day was carried out, the release of 20 turtles that had been rescued by the La Tahonilla recovery center, these turtles suffered various ailments caused mainly by pollution that generates human.

Interview with Alberto Alonso, collaborating biologist at the La Tahonilla recovery center.

Our little contribution

In our boat we carried a beautiful specimen of loggerhead turtle that unfortunately was in the wildlife center of La Tahonilla due to the intake of various highly polluting materials (plastic bags and nylon threads), after a month of recovery and thanks to the cared for by specialists from the center, this turtle has returned to the place where it should never have left, the ocean.

We must say that more than a collaboration for us it is a real privilege to have been part of this price act, but we sincerely hope that with the collaboration of all in the not too distant future, acts like this are not necessary.